Do you like listening to moving and beautiful World Music? The Garden Nights at the Trauttmansdorff Castle Botanic Gardens rank among the most important World Music festivals in Northern Italy, attracting a large audience yearly to the amphitheatre located by the Water Lily Pond. Garden Nights is now in its tenth season, having featured numerous musical highlights. Five groups from around the world will play their unique music in the Gardens’ natural acoustic space.

Overview of Performances:

26.05.2016 - Gaby Moreno
09.06.2016 - Namika | Zoe
14.07.2016 - Jan Garbarek Group featuring Trilok Gurtu
21.07.2016 - Suzanne Vega | Papermoon
28.07.2016 - Julian Marley & The Uprising
04.08.2016 - Francesco de Gregori
25.08.2016 - Seiler & Speer | Max von Milland

Tickets are available at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle box office from 6pm.