A magic varietyThe breath-taking variety found in the spa town of Meran puts you on an exciting road to discovery. You must see the secret landmark in the city, the Kurhaus (built in Art Nouveau style) which is home to many international events. A stroll along the promenade or along the popular Tappeiner path is best enjoyed with a tasty ‘gelato’ in your hand, while the sun shines down on you and the exotic plants transmit their truly Mediterranean fragrance. There is nothing more beautiful! Another highlight is the modern spa facility in Merano (called ‘Therme’), designed by the South Tyrolean famous architect Matteo Thun. It is a building with an avant-garde flair, reviving a sense of old spa town traditions. Throughout the year, you can enjoy numerous events in the historic city centre, including concerts and festivals. Meran radiates its charm. It’s not by chance that the Austrian Empress Sissi enjoyed coming here on a regular basis. You certainly won’t be bored on this holiday!