Every day a new advantage

Every day a new advantage

The Südtirol GuestPass Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Exclusive discounts in sports and leisure facilities
Entry to over 80 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
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The Trauttmansdorff Throne in Algund.

10 reasons for a holiday in Algund

Are you wondering why, of all places, you should travel to Algund? There isn’t just one good answer to that – there are several! Here are the top 10 reasons for a holiday in Algund. Sssh: You are welcome to share them.

  1. The weather. 300 days of sunshine.
    While the sun doesn't quite dare to come out north of the main chain of the Alps, it is already shining from a deep blue sky in Algund. Yes, such things happen, and more than once a year. When it comes to the weather, Algund is ideally situated. The mountains of the Texel Group shield it from cold air masses. At the same time, warm Mediterranean air can flow unhindered from the south into the village, making Algund one of the mildest year-round destinations. Hungry for some sun? Let's go to Algund!

  2. The green variety. Welcome to the garden village.
    As soon as you set foot on Algund soil, it will immediately catch your eye: the colorful variety of plants that bloom and green here. Gentle vineyard hills, Mediterranean palm gardens, hotel gardens tended with dedication and flowers all over the village - wherever you look, you will be greeted by nature. It comes as no surprise that Algund was given the affectionate nickname "the garden village".

  3. The hiking and biking trails. Almost infinite.
    Valley, mountain or something in between? In Algund in the Merano region, the world of hiking and biking is open to you. Whether you prefer to listen to the rippling water on the Waalweg, to explore the mountains on an e-bike or to really get up high on the Merano High Alpine Trail: Nothing stands in the way of your desire to move. You are sure to find your favorite spot between 300 and 3,000 meters above sea level, without long journeys. An insider tip for your hiking holiday in Algund is a ride on the nostalgic basket lift, which has been letting its guests float from Vellau to the Leiter Alm since 1965. Simply unique!

  4. The proximity to Merano. From the village to the city. 
    Merano, the time-honored spa town, is only a few minutes by bus or a walk away from Algund. Shopping in the arcade alley and a visit to the thermal baths, a stroll along the promenade and a climb to the Powder Tower, here you can follow your holiday mood and walk in the footsteps of Empress Sissi and some famous poets.

  5. The GuestPass Algund. 365 days full of advantages.
    Have you heard about the Südtirol GuestPass Algund? You will receive it as a free welcome gift in all participating accommodations. Even if you stay just for one night! With the advantage card you can travel through the country 365 days a year free of charge - the use of public transport and selected cable cars is included! In addition, you’ll profit from free admission to over 90 museums and exclusive discounts on ski and bike rentals, sports activities, guided tours, tastings and much more.

  6. The food. Alpine, but not only.
    South Tyrol stands for apple strudel, bacon and dumplings. But the Alpine region can do much more. Algund, for example, is known for its beautiful cafés that serve croissants and cakes along with Italian coffee. Speaking of Italy, Algund is a great place for trying risotto and pasta, prepared in a down-to-earth rural manner or on a gourmet level. And if you prefer something more "South Tyrolean", you are guaranteed to find what you are looking (and hungry) for in the alpine huts, inns and beer gardens. Enjoy tasty regional ingredients and discover varied restaurants and refreshment stops - panoramic views included!

  7. The charming mix. Grias di and Ciao.
    South Tyrol is the bridge between two countries, speaks three languages and has a thousand facets. The same is true for Algund, the small holiday village in the Merano region. Alpine and Mediterranean flair blend into a perfect holiday symphony. Through pink oleander blossoms, you can look up to rugged peaks, the apple blossom spring is followed by a green summer and golden autumn, and at Christmas time the lights of the Algund Christmas market glitter. Mountain culture is mixed with a pinch of the south, whether in cuisine, fashion, architecture or the way of speaking and living. Immerse yourself, you will be enchanted!

  8. The events. For every taste. 
    Have you ever been at the Alpine dairy Algund? Tasted the local wines, bathed in the Vellau forests or danced at the Algund village festival? No? Then you should at least make up for some of that, or choose your own personal highlight from the colorful program of events and experiences. Entertainment and new experiences are provided all year round during your holiday in Algund. Algund's markets are also worth a visit, from the garden flair and farmer's market to the Event market Via Claudia Augusta and the magical Christmas market.

  9. The healing effect. Algund is healthy!
    Indeed, and this has even been proven. A Nature and Climate Study has shown that even a short holiday in Algund promotes health and well-being. This is due to the fresh air, the healing microclimate and the nature around Algund. Certainly, the cheerful, light holiday spirit also contributes to Algund's almost magical effect. Try it out, you will be amazed!

  10. The culture. From the past to the present.
    Who would have thought? One of the most beautiful and modern church towers in the Alps rises proudly in the middle of the village of Algund with its 5,000 inhabitants. But it is not only the San Giuseppe Parish Church that is a must-see on a holiday in Algund, the museums in the area are also worth a visit. If you can't get enough of history, culture and new knowledge, you can even visit over 90 museums throughout the country with the Südtirol GuestPass Algund. For free!
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