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Enjoy the relaxation in our "Aquamarin" Spa area
Come and try the different water features: in our “Aquamarin” spa area you can swim in an indoor pool of 5 metres x 8 with counter-current swimming and 30° water or let yourself go in the warm Jacuzzi. After a hard day hiking or a rainy day there is nothing better than letting yourself go in the water and enjoy doing sweet nothing.
Dive into your relaxation time.
Events and mountain tours in Algund
Algund and the region of Merano has an all year-round events program offering a wide choice of things to do.
The garden village of Algund is the ideal starting point for hikes of all levels and altitudes. And for every taste!
Hiking tours
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Cycling holiday in Algund
Cycling holiday in Algund
The loveliest things in life that are fun and healthy at the same time. Just like cycling. A bike holiday near Merano offers plenty of variety. Should you follow an old Roman road with your racing bike? Or cycle all around the spa town of Merano on your city bike? Or ride up to the next alpine pasture on your mountain bike? Decide for yourself every day and don’t worry about anything else. Rental bikes, tour guides and transport possibilities are of course available for you. All you have to do is leap into the saddle and pedal off.
Healthy in Algund - Kneipp inspired!
Healthy in Algund - Kneipp inspired!
Algund is not only a hiker's paradise, but also has a completely different outdoor experience: 50 Kneipp stations are distributed throughout the municipality. They playfully convey Kneipp's holistic method and encourage people to participate. Because between 300 and almost 3,000 metres in altitude, Algund opens up a scenic diversity that stimulates body, mind and soul. So you can embark on an active, health-promoting and varied journey of discovery at any time.
An eye on Algund
Let your gaze wander over Algund
Algund & Merano
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Weather forecasts for We, 19.06


We, 19.06
30,6 °C
0,8 m/s
0,0 mm
1.012,9 hPa

General weather conditions

Weather today

High air pressure and warm air masses determine our weather.
Sunny weather over the whole region. The day will begin with local low cloud formations, then very sunny. In the afternoon cumulus clouds will remain harmless.

The temperature

Temperatures range from #{min} to #{max}

Mountain weather

Minimum temperatures between 17° and 18°, maximum between 28° and 33°.

We, 19.06
Th, 20.06
Fr, 21.06
Sa, 22.06
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Südtirol GuestPass Algund: 365 days full of advantages
The Südtirol GuestPass Algund is your ticket to an unforgettable holiday experience. With just one overnight stay you will receive it as a complimentary gift with your room rate.
The card allows you to use all public transport in South Tyrol as well as selected cableways and provides free admission to 90 provincial museums.