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Kneipp course

Kneipp course

Healthy in Algund

"Healthy in Algund" is an initiative of the municipality of Algund, the Algund Tourist Association, Algund Aktiv and the South Tyrolean Kneipp Association. It is based on the principles of Sebastian Kneipp. The individual places can be found scattered throughout the municipality of Algund, using the possibilities of the natural landscape in a simple way and making it possible to experience the uniqueness of the seven districts of Algund.
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Simply feel nature
With the help of the map, you can get an overview of where the 50 stations are located in Algund. Information boards playfully convey Kneipp's holistic method and encourage you to participate. Hence, it is possible to embark on an active, health-promoting and varied journey of discovery through Algund at any time and without hurdles .
Let's do something good for our health and well-being! Let's take the first step. We can start where we are right now.
Yoga in the great outdoors
Fresh water
Kneipp instructions

The 5 pillars of Kneipp's philosophy of life

Kneipp cornerstone: Water


"Everything flows." Heraclitus

Water is the source of life and symbolises the changeability of all living things. Water plays a vital role in Kneipp's natural healing method. At the "Healthy in Algund" stations, water can be experienced in many different ways. Whether classically in a swimming pool with brine bath, through cold arm baths - the so-called "Kneipp espresso", during cooling and revitalizing water treading, which provides an amazing feeling of ease, or the enjoyment of clear spring water.
Kneipp pillars: Movement


"Movement is the soul of all things." Paul Klee Sebastian

Kneipp recommended moderate exercises such as hiking, swimming or cycling: Balancing sports that are fun and stimulate the circulation. Through exercise, all body systems find their balance and thus make people more resistant, more efficient and stronger. During the "Healthy in Algund" hikes and walks we experience the landscape at a natural pace and perceive it with all of our senses - for example while walking barefoot through the forest.
Kneipp Cornerstones: Nutrition


"You are what you eat." Ludwig Feuerbach

Healthy nutrition strengthens body, mind and soul, which form a unity according to Kneipp. What we eat, how we prepare it and the environment in which we enjoy our meals are crucial. Equally fundamental are regionality and seasonality, concepts that are currently booming. In South Tyrol, fruit and vegetable growing is a tradition, and the "Healthy in Algund" stations take us to numerous organic farms and shops.
Kneipp Cornerstones: Herbs


"Nature is the best pharmacy". Sebastian Kneipp

The beneficial and health-promoting characteristics of herbs have probably been known since the dawn of civilisation. In addition, herbs delight our senses with the bright colours of blossoms and the fragrant and tasty aromas. The carefully and lovingly tended herb gardens, which we can experience and enjoy at the "Healthy in Algund" stations, show the diversity of this natural pharmacy.
Kneipp Cornerstones: Order of life

Order of life

"In measure lies order." Sebastian Kneipp

According to Kneipp, the order of life means, among other things, to become aware of one's personal and collective responsibility and to strive for the right measure. Healthy behaviour can be learned. The stations of the order of life are located in special places. Let us take time to find ourselves, let our eyes and thoughts wander and draw new strength from these moments of relaxation.

Sebastian Kneipp

(1821 - 1897)

is known as a hydrotherapist and naturopath. The gifted communicator succeeded in popularising ancient, traditional procedures. Especially the works of the two doctors Johann Siegmund and Siegmund Hahn inspired him as a young theology student suffering from tuberculosis. He tried out water therapy on himself, recovered and adapted the procedure. In Bad Wörishofen he worked as a priest, founded a spa and ordained there, assisted by a doctor. His natural healing method was declared an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage in Germany in 2015.
Info about Sebastian Kneipp
Kneipp is up-to-date, traditional and individual
The natural healing method according to Kneipp is based on five pillars: order of life, exercise, nutrition, herbs and water. The order of life can be seen as the foundation on which the other methods are based. Basically, human beings have sufficient bodily defences, but our civilised way of life lacks the natural stimuli and stimulation that challenge and train the immune system. And this is exactly where Kneipp comes in: especially with his water treatments, he forces our body to react and thus regulate itself. However, Kneipp advises moderation - "order lies in moderation" is one of his principles - and careful handling of the water applications, which must be adapted to each individual. This also applies to the "Healthy in Algund" stations: let's listen to our body and feel what is good for us.

Kneipp inspires:

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