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The Südtirol GuestPass Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Exclusive discounts in sports and leisure facilities
Entry to over 90 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
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Kneipp pillar: Water

Kneipp pillar: Water

"Everything flows." Heraclitus

Water is the source of life and symbolises the changeability of all living things. Water plays a central role in Kneipp's natural healing method. At the "Healthy in Algund" stations, water can be experienced in many different ways. Whether classically in the swimming pool with brine pool, through cold arm baths - the so-called "Kneipp espresso", during cooling and invigorating water treading, which provides an amazing feeling of lightness, or the enjoyment of clear spring water.

Water treading

Treading water stimulates the circulation, tired feet become lively again and it refreshes. You move through the water like a stork. First you lift your right leg so that it is sticking out of the water, point your toes downwards and dip your foot back in. The next step is to do the same with the left foot and so on. Finally, wipe the water off the legs with the hands and ensure rewarming by putting on socks or moving around until you feel a pleasant sense of well-being and lightness in the legs.

Kneipp espresso

Coffee with a difference! Instead of your daily cup of coffee, why not enjoy a Kneipp coffee as a pick-me-up? The "Kneipp espresso" is a cold arm bath that stimulates but does not excite. Immerse your arms in water up to the middle of the upper arms until you feel a cold sensation, or for a maximum of one minute. Meanwhile, continue to breathe calmly and deeply. Then gently wipe the water off your arms. Enjoy the invigorating effect!

Other Kneipp pillars

Kneipp's philosophy of life: Let's do something good for our health and well-being!

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