Every day a new advantage
Every day a new advantage
The Südtirol GuestPass + GuestCard Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Entry to over 80 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
NEW! In April and May 2024 - Chairlift from Plars di Mezzo to Velloi
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Fresh crispy Gala apples straight from the tree

Products from South Tyrol

Take a piece of holiday home with you!

Bacon, “Schüttelbrot“, cheese specialities, apple-related delicacies and other natural delicacies from farmers and small producers who still produce their products according to old tradition and centuries of experience. And of course: one or two fine wines from South Tyrol's wine cellars. These are all quality products that are known far beyond the country's borders. For South Tyrol lovers it is above all memories, a piece of holiday happiness at home. The taste of mild summer evenings, successful mountain tours or simply a relaxing break between vineyards and apple meadows, in palm gardens and on rustic alpine pastures – a delight for all your senses!

The best of Algund

You can find our regional and farm products here:

Fresh crunchy bread

Bakery Tauber

Daily fresh bread and baked goods 

Address: Alte Landstraße 33, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 201321
Dairy products from the local alpine dairy

Dairy Algund

Milk, butter, buttermilk, yogurt, goat milk products, various types of cheese

Address: Dairy Algund, Mitterplars 29, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 448 710
Fresh cheese

Farm cheese dairy Hausen

Organic mountain farm - cheese, bacon and smoked sausage

Address: Vellau 19, Algund
Contact: +39 348 005 3681
Hütters Hofladele

Farm shop Hütterhof

Fruit spreads & jellies, fruit & flowersyrups, apple juice, honey, dried fruit, eggs, seasonal fruit/vegetables

Address: Hütterhof, Aschbach 6, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 967052
Two good glasses of white wine


Different types of organic wine

Address: Gruberhof, Alte Landstraße 2, Algund
Contact: +39 331 815 5318
Freshly squeezed juices


Juices, wines and distillates of organic fruits

Address: Oberplars 2, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 447324 or +39 335 587 8822
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Fresh carrots


Organic fruits and vegetables

Address: Töllerhof, Alte Landstraße 36, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 440556
Plars Castle

Vineyard Schloss Plars

Various white and red wines

Address: Schloss Plars, Mitterplars 25, Algund
Contact: +39 0473 448 472
A glass of local grape schnapps is also welcome

Winery "Kellerei Algund"

Grappa and wines

Address: Lauben 218, Meran
Contact: +39 0473 237147
Pedestrians on the Waalweg Algund

Why Algund?

Quite simply: because we have everything to make your holiday happiness complete.