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Every day a new advantage
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NEW! In April and May 2024 - Chairlift from Plars di Mezzo to Velloi
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Algund Balance

Algund Balance

Health, Balance and Harmony. The balance between body, mind and soul has always been essential for our way of living here in Algund. We are now dedicating an entire month to this philosophy of life.

In 2019, scientists at Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg discovered that a stay of just one week in Algund can have a positive effect on a person's physical and mental health. A balanced diet, an active daily programme and the fresh, high alpine air of our beautiful homeland were the key factors that led to this result. We feel vindicated, because: The philosophy of life of Algund locals has always been based on awareness and natural wealth of our homeland. Therefore we'd like to celebrate these values in the month of April.

Our various programme should remind us of the symbiosis of a healthy body, mind and soul. This programme includes physical activities such as hikes and yoga exercises, but also culinary experiences such as collecting herbs in the Vellau forest, which we then prepare with star chef Christoph Huber. Even Mental Health is an important aspect of this years workshop. With book author, columnist and content creator Jacqueline Scheiber, formerly known as Minusgold, who is writing her fourth book in Algund. During her retreat, she will introduce us to the healing power of writing.
Algund Balance

A kaleidoscope of activities

When we talk about Algund Balance, we are talking about a celebration of harmony between body, mind and soul. In April, we would like to show you how to achieve this harmony. Exertion and relaxation, culinary and spiritually: our philosophy is holistic and so should be our programme.

We offer our courses free of charge - unless otherwise stated.

Our weekly programme

Kneipp Vitality Tour in German and Italian language only
Follow our guide on a regenerate Kneipp hike to revitalize your energy and strength.
Instructor: Annemarie Santer
Location: bus stop Vellau
Mondays - 2.40 pm

Algund's Rich World of Herbs in German language only
A Journey through flower and wild herb meadows in Vellau.
Location: Tourist Office Algund
Tuesdays - 9.30 am

Mindful Mornings in Algund in German and Italian language only
Unlock the full potential of a Calm and Conscious daily start with specially designed mindfulness exercises.
Location: Tourist Office Algund
Wednesdays - 10.00 am

Magical Places in the Forest in German and Italian language only
Guided tour to unique power spots.
Location: Tourist Office Algund
Thursdays - 09.00 am

Yoga in Aschbach in German language only
Yoga sessions to start spring with renewed vitality and strength.
Location: Raabenhof Aschbach
Thursdays - 10.30 am

Cooking workshop nettle dumplings in German and Italian language only
Because Algund Balance also means physical well-being and herbs are an important
part of the Algund cuisine.
Suitable for young and old.
Location: Kienegger
Number of participants: 8 
Fridays - 09.30 am
Price per person: € 25,-
For children from 10 years possible € 17,-

Your feet, your foundation
Strengthen your connection to the earth with exercises for foot stabilization.
Location: Tourist Office Algund
Saturdays - 10 am

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Our highlights

Our highlights, a symphony of the senses. For young and old, for the adventurous and those who are familiar with their haven of peace.

Gardenflair Algund
You will find inspiration for your own personal garden paradise during the exhibition period on
the church square in Algund.
Location: Church square Algund
April 18th - April 21st - from 10 am to 5 pm
Free entry

The Longevity Congress
The SALT CLINIC Algund offers seminars and workshops on the topic of "Healthy in Algund" and discusses the question of a healthy lifestyle.
Location: Culture house Peter Thalguter
April 26th - April 27th - from 9 am to 5 pm

Brunch with Jaqueline Scheiber - "unadorned" in German language only
Writer and columnist Jaqueline joins us for brunch at Villa Verde talking about heritage, feminism, body neutrality, grief, friendship and love.
Location: Villa Verde Algund
April 27th - 11 am
Price per person: € 23,-

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All year round

Kneipp Experience Tour
Discover the transformative benefits of Kneipp methods during our guided tour through Algund.
Location: Tourist Office Algund
Tuesday - 2.30 pm 

Educational Trail “Apple” in German language only
Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of apple cultivation and discover interesting facts about the local diversity of fruits.

Guest Welcome with Cultural Village Tour
Hear fascinating details about Algund's rich history and its impressive architecture.
Algund Balance
Algund Balance
Algund Balance

Your personal reboot

Our accommondations in Algund offer you wellness breakfast based on the priciples of Kneipp. Many products for your wellbeing await you, so you can revitalise your senses and recharge your energy.

We look forward to welcoming you in Algund.
For further information, please contact our team at the Tourist Office Algund.

It will be wonderful. We look forward to seeing you.

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