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The Südtirol GuestPass Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Exclusive discounts in sports and leisure facilities
Entry to over 90 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
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Kneipp pillar: Life order

Kneipp pillar: Life order

"In measure lies order." Sebastian Kneipp

According to Kneipp, life order means, among other things, to become aware of one's personal and collective responsibility and to strive for the right measure. Healthy behaviour can be learned. The stations of the order of life are located in special places. Let us take time to find ourselves, let our eyes and thoughts wander and draw new strength from these moments of relaxation.

The view of things

The way we look at things affects how we cope with life in general. Everything has two sides: Day and night, summer and winter, life and death. Our feelings are also affected and the views we hold. But things are what they are. The evaluation of them happens solely through our attitude. It is the way we look at things that makes the difference, as Oskar Blumenthal says: "The sullen brooders: every day lies between two nights. But the cheerful worldlings say: every night lies between two days."

Think positive!

Sebastian Kneipp recognised very early on the connections between mental problems and physical illnesses. He urged people to bring joy into their lives in order to regain health and feel well, and also geared his treatment concept accordingly. A health-oriented person thinks and acts positively, he lives in harmony with the laws of nature. One key to success is to think positively, i.e. to mentally bring sunshine into one's life, even if everyday life is sometimes grey.

Other Kneipp pillars

Kneipp's philosophy of life: Let's do something good for our health and well-being!

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