Every day a new advantage

Every day a new advantage

The Südtirol GuestPass Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Exclusive discounts in sports and leisure facilities
Entry to over 80 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
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More than water treading in the garden village Algund

More than water treading in the garden village Algund

The last months once more made us aware of the fact that our health is our greatest asset. People who strenghten their immune system and stimulate their self-healing powers are on a good way to a healthy and active lifestyle. The initiative "Healthy in Algund" in the eponymous garden village near Meran was founded to help achieve this lifestyle based on Sebastian Kneipp´s water therapy. 300 sunny days a year allow us to be outside almost the hole year. The seven different districts, located at an altitude between 300 and almost 3,000 metres, offer different climatic zones and a scenic diversity that stimulate body, mind and soul.
Kneipp´s holistic methods are based on five pillars: Water, nutrition, herbs, movement and order of life. Based on this doctrine, which counts as UNESCO world heritage since 2015, the Kneipp association South Tyrol and Algund developed a circular hiking trail for your health. There are 50 stations that invite you to do good for your health - without hurdles such as an obligation to register or restricted opening hours. Water as the source of life is best perceived in brine baths, cold arm baths, while water treading or just while drinking fresh spring water. „You are what you eat“: this fact was already known in the 19th century. Yet again we now have to realise how important regionality and seasonality are for a healthy diet. At a few of our "Healthy in Algund" stations, organic farms and shops invite you to take a break and try a few local fruits. For Sebastian Kneipp himself, nature was the best pharmacy. The pleasent-smelling herbal gardens in the seven districts of Algund confirm that there´s a herb for (almost) everything.
More than water treading in the garden village Algund
More than water treading in the garden village Algund
More than water treading in the garden village Algund

Movement and Lifestyle

Kneipp recommended moderate sports such as hiking, swimming or cycling - recreational sports that get your circulation going and make you more resilient, more efficient and stronger. There´s no need for a lack of fun  – at the "Healthy in Algund" hikes and walkes you can wisely explore the scenery at your own pace. „There is order in moderation“ is another component of Kneipp´s doctrine. This also means to become aware of your personal and collective responsibility – which already played an important role especially in times of a pandemic. The stations for the order of life are located at special places in Algund. That´s how you get to know the whole philosophy of „water priest“ Sebastian Kneipp, who would have celebrated his 200th birthday in 2021.
More than water treading in the garden village Algund
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