Every day a new advantage
Every day a new advantage
The Südtirol GuestPass + GuestCard Algund advantage card is included in the overnight price of all participating establishments and is valid 365 days a year. Among other things, it provides:
Free use of all public means of transportation in South Tyrol
Exclusive discounts in sports and leisure facilities
Entry to over 80 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
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Tag us on Instagram at the hidden picture frames

Algund's TOP Instagram Hotspots

A must for all selfie hunters

A post here, a story there... it's easy to lose track of so many impressions. But not if you share really special locations and experiences with others. They catch your followers' eyes right away and make them want to see more!

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Many Instagram hotspots are hiding in Algund

We give you the best (secret) tips...

Would you like to make your friends jealous with a few snaps on Instagram? Nothing could be easier! With our TOP Instagram Hotspots, you will be able to get them, and certainly others, straight onto your subscription list so they don't miss a thing.
The chairlift in Algund offers a beautiful view

Chair and gondola basket lift

A snapshot from above

Anyone can take a photo on the ground. But how about a nostalgic version from the air? From a single chairlift or a gondola basket lift? #nice we would say! Caution: not for people with vertigo or weak nerves!
Instagram hotspots are hiding everywhere

Photo frames #algund

Say cheeese!

With our new and cool photo frames you can take special photos at various positions in Algund! The photo points are located on the Algund Waalweg Trail, the Leiter Alm and at the Trauttmansdroffer Throne Chairs, among others. Use the hashtag #algund and tag us on your pictures. We are already excited and look forward to your snapshots!
Relaxing after an eventful day

Trauttmansdorffer Throne Chairs

From a different point of view

Posting landscape pictures is nothing new these days. But what if, in the middle of a wine and fruit landscape, there are suddenly two larger-than-life armchairs that you can climb on? #unique! And the view of the Merano valley basin... #unbelievable.
Much to discover on the Waalweg Algund


A truly special photo spot!

A really great photo spot of a very special kind awaits you on the Algund Waalweg Trail. Here you will find an old tree that is hollow on the inside, in which you can stand and take special souvenir photos. Well, have you ever noticed this spectacular tree during your hike along the Algund Waalweg Trail?
Museum at the Roman bridgehead

Roman Bridge Head Museum

Small and nice, but impressive

Museums and their exhibitions are boring and nothing for today's followers? Wrong. In what is probably the smallest museum in the region, there is a lot of history from Algund around the time of the Romans to marvel at, and you're standing under a glass ceiling. A #mustsee, we think.
Autumn in Vellau

Panoramic view in Vellau

What a magnificent view!

In Vellau, the sunny district of Algund, at an altitude of approx. 950 m, a very special panoramic view of Algund, the surrounding mountains, the Merano region all the way to Bolzano awaits you.
PS: Here you will also find a photo frame with which you can make your holiday photos even more beautiful!
The scent of spring in a sea of flowers

Wildflower meadow

Algund: where South Tyrol Flowers

From early to late summer, the meadows in and around Algund blossom in the most beautiful colours. Immerse yourself in the partly untouched nature, listen to the songs of the grasshoppers and enjoy the fragrant flowers and the smell of forest and meadow.


Algund and its surrounding area has plenty of fascinating panoramas and varied paths.

Hiking together in alpine flair
Way up high
If you want to go up in the world, you’re in the right place in the mountains around Algund
Deep in the valley
Waalweg or village stroll? Even “down at the bottom” there are numerous paths
At the centre of things
Forests, meadows and pastures await you between the valley and the summit