Every day a new advantage
Every day a new advantage
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Entry to over 80 museums at no charge
Free use of selected cable cars
NEW! In April and May 2024 - Chairlift from Plars di Mezzo to Velloi
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A veritable sea of blossoms with an incredible view

Algund's TOP places of interest

A must for all lovers of nature, culture and culinary delights

Algund is not only a real eye-catcher because of its fantastic location, but the garden village near Merano also has a lot to offer that is worth seeing. Find out here which places of interest in Algund you should not miss.
Nature, culture and enjoyment

We give you the best (secret) tips

Highlights. Attractions. Crowd pullers. Call it what you like... but we can say in advance that these terms apply to all of our 5 TOP places of interest.
The church in Algund surrounded by greenery

Parish church of Algund

St. Joseph Parish Church

The St. Joseph Parish Church is one of the most beautiful and modern churches in the Alps and is a fine example of contemporary architecture. The church was built and designed by the famous architect Willy Gutweniger between 1966 and 1971. It represents a successful attempt to combine ancient and modern. 
The historical chair and basket lift from Algund to the Leiteralm

Chair and gondola basket lift

Historic but functional lifts

The chairlift from Algund to the district of Vellau marks the beginning. Continue with the nostalgic gondola basket lift which ends below the Leiter Alm mountain pasture. Once you have reached the top, you are directly on the Merano High Mountain Trail and for this reason alone the two rides are worthwhile.
Local cheese products from the local alpine dairy

Algund Dairy

Pure nature for 100 years

You can become an alpine dairyman yourself here! Once a week you have the chance to take part in the milk trail at the Algund alpine dairy and learn first-hand where the milk comes from, where the cows graze and what the diverse milk and cheese products taste like.
Throne chair in summer

Trauttmansdorff Throne Chairs

Directly on the old Via Claudia Augusta

When you come to Algund by car or bus, it's almost impossible to look past them. At these larger-than-life armchairs amidst the vines. One of the most popular sights thanks to the open view over Algund and the Merano valley basin.
The Algund Wine Trail

Algund Wine Trail

Directly above the Algunder Waalweg Trail

Attention wine lovers: here you will learn a lot of interesting facts about viticulture during an approx. one-hour short hike with the help of the many information boards. Directly at the object you will learn something about the function of the irrigation channel and old traditions and customs.
Churches in Algund, historic and beautiful

St. Ulrich Church

A beautiful church from the 13th century.

And another church... but this one has two amazing motifs at once. One is the old frescoes on the church wall and the other is the idyllic and almost kitschy location between the rolling vineyards of Plars. Very #romantic, we would say.
Throne chair with green covered subway

Why Algund?

Quite simply: because we have everything to make your holiday happiness complete.