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South Tyrol’s Jakobsweg - Route of St. James in South Tyrol (12th Stage: Lagundo/ Algund to Castelbello/ Kastelbell)

Duration: 7h 10
Length: 24,7 km
Difficulty: Media
Altitude uphill: 1115 hm
Altitude downhill: 874 hm
Highest point: 712 m
Municipality: Partschins / Parcines
General description

The South Tyrol’s Jakobsweg is a pilgrimage route that leads to the Spanish pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela. The starting point can be varied, as it leads through the whole of Europe on various routes to Spain. One of the routes also leads through South Tyrol, more precisely through the Vinschgau/Val Venosta Valley.
The 12th stage of the Jakobsweg takes hikers from Algund/Lagundo to Töll/Tel and Rabland/Rablà along the Sonnenberg/Monte Sole to Naturns/Naturno and Kastelbell/Castelbello.

Route description

Tour Start
Tour End

The start of the hike or pilgrimage stage is in Algund/Lagundo (bus stop n° 213 at the municipality of Algund/lagundo)! From there, continue left towards the entrance to trail n° 25/A and then continue towards the Algunder Waalweg – irrigation channel path. Via the Algunder Waalweg irrigation channel path you reach the hydro-electricity station at Töll/Tel. From here the trail leads along the Vinschgau/Val Venosta cycle path to the train station in Töll/Tel and the famous K. u. K. museum and restaurant Bad Egart. Continue along a forest path to Rabland/Rablà to the Saring bridge and here along the Cutraunstrasse to Vinschgauerstrasse/main road in Rabland/Rablà. At the crossroads (cross the road) turn left in the direction of Vinschgau/Val Venosta valley and after about 200m you will reach the chapel of St. Jakob. Right next to it is a replica of the famous Roman milestone at the Hotel Hanswirt. After a visit, continue in the direction of Geroldstraße until you reach the Happichl inn. There you follow signpost n° 26 and panoramic trail n° 91 until you reach Naturns/Naturno above the famous St. Prokulus Church after about 1 ½ hours of hiking - via marker n° 39. From there, follow the road past the Naturns/Naturno swimming area and the war memorial to the bridge in front of the parish church. At the bridge, the trail leads downhill to the left (towards the Unterstell cableway valley station), from where you follow the signs towards Staben/Stava. In Staben/Stava, take trail n° 1 up to the Stabener Waal – irrigation channel path. There you take trail n° 3 to the junction with trail n° 4 and from there continue to Kastelbell/Castelbello, the end point of the 12th stage.


Algund/Lagundo parking lot at the outdoor swimming pool Algund, Marktgasse 11
all-day, free of charge

5 min walking distance into town center of Algund!

Public transport

Timetable search: https://www.suedtirolmobil.info/en/