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Every day a new advantage

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Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

An active holiday and Algund: these two go together like sun and South Tyrol. Why not join me during my five eventful autumn days in South Tyrol? You will be inspired!
Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

1.Gourmet delights: A pleasant walk & Törggelen

On my first day’s holiday in Algund, I start off with a gentle walk. I follow the advice of my host and stroll along the Algund Waalweg path above the Winepath and enjoy the breathtaking view across the autumnal countryside. On the panels at the edge of the path, I read about ancient grape varieties, hardworking farmers and the Algund “Saltners” who used to watch over the harvest. After a short pause between the wine leaves, juicy grapes and delightfully mild sunbeams, I set off along the path with my stomach rumbling and find a space in the rustic parlour of a nearby restaurant. I order a tasty Törggele set meal, because that’s what you do during an autumn holiday in South Tyrol, and enjoy schlutzer (Italian ravioli), homemade Hauswurst sausage with dumplings, the new wine and sweet doughnuts. And last but not least, I savour the traditional roasted chestnuts. Delicious – the perfect way to end the day.
Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

2.Close to nature: Basket lift and forest bathing

The next morning, I set my sights a little higher. In the nostalgic basket lift I float from Vellau to the Leiter Alm. The green basket is almost inaudible as it glides up to a height of over 1,500 metres surrounded by dense treetops that radiate in the most beautiful colours. I take dozens of photos during my trip, so that I can share the memory of this very special experience with my family and friends. After this exciting ride in the basket lift, I search for a quiet spot in the forest, sit down on a mossy pillow and listen to my breathing. I recall the tips from my last forest bathing with Mrs Margesin, as I quieten my thoughts amidst the fragrant pines and the twittering of the birds.
Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

3.Full of momentum: Cycling tour & dream view

After a restful night’s sleep and a tasty South Tyrolean breakfast with regional and homemade products, I hire a bike for today’s excursion from Bike and Hike in Algund . I start my bike tour in the village, from where I cycle leisurely to Merano and beyond towards the Passeier Valley. I consciously take in the whole experience: the exercise, the fresh air and breathtaking view across the surrounding autumnal countryside that accompanies me throughout the entire journey. I am particularly impressed by the well-tended orchards along the banks of the River Passer. How wonderful that wherever you are in South Tyrol you can always cycle straight into the countryside. Yet another reason for me to remain loyal to my Algund holiday location for a long time to come!
Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

4.Sports: Bouldering & being bold

It’s now day four and my thirst for adventure takes me to the outdoor bouldering area of Algund. Even though I haven’t been bouldering for some time, I am looking forward to today’s challenge, and manage to conquer a few boulders. A few hours later, exhausted but full of pride, I lean against the cool rock face and look towards the sky, still radiant in the evening light with not a cloud in sight. What a unique and adventurous trip that was!
Active in the autumn: Five days, five tips

5.Exciting: Rafting & river song

For the last day of my autumn holiday in South Tyrol, I’ve planned a very special experience. Today I’m going on an adventurous rafting tour in the Passeier Valley. Even before I climb, full of anticipation, into the boat, I stare in amazement at the glugging, rustling and rushing water of the River Passer that becomes a tireless river song. At last we’re off, riding over the waves until the Saltauser Bridge. My adrenalin level rises and I enjoy the journey to the full.

One thing is certain: There couldn’t have been a better way to end my autumn active holiday in Algund. And when I think back to those five adventurous days, I can still hear the rushing of the waves...
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