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From Algund/Tell along the Marling Waalweg canal trail

Duration: 3h
Length: 10,66 km
Difficulty: Easy
Altitude uphill: 252 hm
Altitude downhill: 465 hm
Highest point: 511 m
Starting point: Töll
Municipality: Algund

This pleasant promenade makes you enjoy the village of Marlengo from a different perspective.

General description

Twelve kilometers long, the Marlinger Waalweg trail is a popular hiking trail which runs along the former irrigation channels, the longest of its kind in South Tyrol. Starting at the TöllbrĂŒcke bridge, the 250 year-old path gently ascends through apple orchards and woods to firmer and more level ground. After pausing to admire the medieval Lebenberg Castle, hikers continue slightly downhill along the slope of Marling mountain to the village of Lana.

Spectacular views of the surrounding mountains can be seen along the entire length of the Marlinger Waalweg trail. The agricultural landscape lining the irrigation channels is also impressive, with meadows and forests alternating with vineyards and orchards. Along the Marlinger Waalweg trail there are also impressive views of the Merano basin, the Val Passiria/Passeier Valley, and the imposing Texelgruppe mountain range.

Route description

The 250 years old irrigation channel path starts in Tel and leads flatly through the villages of Foresta, Marlengo, Cermes and Lana. The trail runs almost level along the irrigation canal and is ideal for families and children. Deciduous forests, meadows and blooming fruit orchards surround the Waalweg path.

Töll parking

Public transport

bus 213 to Töll

Tourist Office Algund
Hans Gamper Place 3
I-39022 Algund near Meran (BZ)
South Tyrol - Italy
+39 0473 448600
November - March:
MON-THU: 8.30 am - 12.30 am & 2 pm - 6 pm
FR: 8.30 am - 12.30 am & 1 pm - 5 pm
SAT & SUN: closed